Priorities As A Taxpayer Sees Them

Here’s one Regina citizen’s view of priorities at City Hall. Is the proposed stadium project, set to cost over $300,000,000 if estimates are on target, for “nicer toilet facilities”? What about the toilets in our homes, will they continue to work without ongoing upgrades and repairs to critical city infrastructure?

Our city has many kilometres of streets to put back into good condition; the pension plan is about a quarter of a billion behind and is unsustainable; crime in Regina is worth two – yes, two – articles in Maclean’s magazine; our water treatment plant is just fine. and working at about 110 per cent … if nothing goes wrong and there is no greater demand…

I welcome your emails on this, or other subjects of civic politics.


The Regina ROC wants to hear your input on a variety of issues. If you feel strongly about change, or keeping something the way it is, please contact them.

If you’re interested in helping build a better future for Regina and area, email RROC at: or send a letter to RROC, 1925 Rose. St., Regina, Sask., S4P 3P1 or call (306) 789-5099.


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