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“Regina moving forward on mandatory recycling program” – CBC headline

What an unfortunate framing of curb-side recycling as “mandatory”. CBC’s headline manages to make recycling sound like a possible negative, when it’s the first bright development in city services Regina has had in years. We’ve had “mandatory” garbage pick-up for years, but no one refers to it negatively as “mandatory” as some sort of imposition instead of a vital city service. It’s offered by every modern municipality from North Battleford to Richmond Hill, ON.

I currently pay a private company $90/year for curb side recycling, plus whatever it costs for mandatory garbage removal. We should be making recycling at the curb the base service provided by the city (possibly by contracting out to the private recyclers who already provide cost effective service), and charge an optional waste fee for people who throw resources away without reusing or recycling them.

Now is a good time to mention that Edmonton is making millions of dollars in profit a year for their city by reclaiming citizens’ “waste” as salvageable resources. Nothing is going to stop Regina from attaining the same sort of profit and job creation if I’m elected to City Council.


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