The Issues

Years ago I assisted the Ward 1 incumbent, Councillor Louis Browne’s, campaign by delivering fliers. While meeting people in the Ward, the top issue brought up was the state of the streets and infrastructure. I recently asked an area resident what they now felt was their top municipal issue, and they responded that parking is difficult in neighbourhoods near the U of R.

Ward 1 residents are fortunate that most of us have our basic needs met, so we can address some high level concerns like infrastructure, parking, and recreation. To maintain this quality of life, we’ll have to prepare our city for growth, and that means more jobs and homes to accommodate these additional people. Regina has room both within, and outside its arbitrary limits to expand economic opportunity and housing. As Regina grows, we need to ensure that everyone here can afford to live, work, and grow here, so that means building enough, and building smartly to maintain affordable property taxes and city services.

I look forward to the challenges yet to come for our city, and want to hear your input too. I want to be your representative. Yes, I have my desires and perspective, but ultimately it’s the majority of voters that will decide on what ideas are best to implement. My perspective will always include an internalized test that gauges an idea’s economic, environmental, and social sustainability.


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