Solar Power For Regina, Saskatchewan

Interested in having solar power installed on your home in Regina? Here’s a new home project that’s planning to use solar power from the first Watt. They are using Sound Solar Systems, but there are several reputable solar installers in the Regina area, and in Saskatchewan. Without a south-facing roof to take advantage of, I’ve instead purchased good quality LED light bulbs from Sound Solar instead, to cut down on my electricity consumption.

Canada’s Car Culture Criticized

John Klein:

Regina City Council should consider what these tourists are telling them. Time to get priorities in order, and stop putting cars ahead of people.

Originally posted on Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff:

Glad to see some Danes standing up for Canada.

A Canadian stands up for the Danes.

The Danes stand up for themselves.

A few points have arisen as a result of this discussion, largely in defence of “car culture.” I’d like to address them if I may:

We love our cars!

That’s great. What is important, though, is having choices, and safe, affordable and convenient choices. Cars should not be the only option. In a sustainable, livable city, a citizen should have a choice to walk, cycle, run, take the bus, ride the train, get a lift with a friend or drive. These choices must be open to everybody old, young, able bodied and disabled. It is possible to have it all, and the option of driving a car should be alongside, rather than at the expense of healthier, quicker and often more affordable options.

Country X is…

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Canada Day Holiday That Won’t End

Just before 1pm on Canada Day, my life nearly ended. I became suddenly dead, but people nearby and emergency responders got my heart started again and onto a cooling bed at the General Hospital well before 2pm. I remember none of Canada Day 2014 firsthand.

Off work. For months.
Not allowed to drive a motor vehicle for months (fortunately already well adapted).
Not allowed to bike for more days (this is harder in the Summer).

Aside from the staples in my chest, there is no way to tell I’ve recently been in hospital. Well, the pile of cards, and gift basket is a hint I suppose.


Regina Library Consultations

Tonight kicked off consultations set to restart in September after the Summer holidays.
Presentations focused on what Libraries can become, have been, and look like inside and out.
There is a skepticism to overcome after the last failed Library renovation plan was made without public consultation.

I work in a library every day, answering technology questions, but I am not a traditional library staff person, in that I don’t deal with books or reference questions or services.

Speaking as a library and computer technology expert, ebooks have significant issues to overcome.

Ebooks can be easily censored. I’ve never checked an eBook out of the library in large part to them requiring DRM and proprietary software. People with low technology skills have great difficulty using them, and have no ability to protect themselves from censorship carried out through electronic removal of eBook access.

Note that I’ve seen this happen:
Libraries are sometimes reorganized to justify jobs of administrators, and not out of a community driven desire for change. Some changes of this nature work out anyway. Others are done to use up a budget, or justify the size of an existing one, so it is more likely to be granted again.

#Downtown Safety Update

RDBID plans to have regular public meetings such as this one I went to last evening.

Street Culture Kidz Project

#Transit has hired two security guards for info centre & to patrol. Things have been going well. Worked with RPS to communicate problems.

Increased shelter cleaning, and heated/lighted shelters installed, by the Fall. #downtown #Transit #Yay

Regina Police have officers who can be consulted by businesses on “Crime prevention through environmental design”. I hope that doesn’t mean #homelessSpikes like in the news elsewhere…